Celebmatrix video – Charlize Theron

Another fine week so it’s time for one more amazing celebmatrix video featuring another sexy celebrity. This time we have none other than the super sexy blonde Charlize Theron in one of her scenes from her most recent movie. In this scene you can see her as she’s taking the role of a very beautiful blonde that’s gotten somewhat tired of her boyfriend that won’t make a move on her. So she decides to corner him at her place this fine day, and she does not intend to let him go until she’s had her way with him through the afternoon. So sit back and watch the celeb matrix video guys.

As she puts her naughty plan into motion, she invites the guy over to her place and greets him smiling at the door. She was wearing a very nice and sexy outfit that would turn any guy on. And after that she took him straight to her bedroom where she throws him on the bed as she climbs on top of him, to make sure he can’t escape. Sit back and watch her having sex with the guy and enjoy the view guys. Also you can visit our past videos and pics and see other sexy celebs getting nailed. You won’t be disappointed and we guarantee that. Bye bye!

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Celebmatrix videos – Angelina Jolie

Hey there once more everyone, we bring you more Celebmatrix videos today and you get to enjoy them to their fullest. In this clip we have a scene from the sexy and hot Angelina Jolie as she takes some rough punishment to a bad man that was selling weapons to terrorists. The scene you may know very well as it’s taken from one of her most famous movies where she starred with her husband Brad Pitt. The movie is called Mr. and Mrs. Smith and in addition to being funny it also has this hot and sexy scene with the lady.

Let’s get this celeb matrix update going and see what miss Jolie has to offer for the scene today. As her target gets ready she shows up in her mistress outfit and she is getting ready to punish him for being a bad boy. Watch her as she acts all naughty and dominant before she punishes her slave. We want to also say that as promised we brought you the newest and freshest content featuring your favorite stars and we’ll continue to do so in the future. You only need to keep enjoying it as you’ve done thus far everyone. Bye bye and see you next week!

Watch Angelina as a naughty mistress punishing a guy!


Naughty Paris Hilton posing topless

Well everyone, it was bound to happen once more, and this celebmatrix is taking first dibs. The hot and nasty Paris Hilton comes back again to in the middle of attention as she showed off her hot  body parts once again! Yesterday she met a new guy that she spent the whole afternoon with. And we can bet the slutty babe was going to be get wet and wild for the enjoyment of her man today. So let’s see more to the point what she managed to do.

As she always seeks attention, the news sources stated that miss Hilton released this pictures herself for the world to see how she’s enjoying her high life. Celeb matrix caught them in action and now we can show you what really happened on that boat. We don’t care if she saw as, but the really fact is that she’s very sexy and that’s the most important thing. So watch her displaying her perky tits for your viewing pleasure as she pulls her bikini top aside. Let’s hope that this crazy blonde will have some more naughty stuff done in the future. We can’t wait to see her again, because she’s simply amazing, just like the chicks from the inocent high blog! See you next time, friends!


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Celebmatrix – Pamela Anderson naked

Hello again, our beloved fans and followers! As we promised you yesterday, we have a great celebmatrix pics update for you and your enjoyment, and you will definitely love this scene, simply because today we have the famous woman in the world doing a completely nakedphoto shoot for just for us! And that should give you a pretty nice hint that we’re talking about none other than the sexy blonde Pamela Anderson, the woman that is world famous with her performances. So she returns to the same place that made her famous with another shoot to show off her sexy body one more time.


Celeb matrix is very proud to bring this amazing blonde lady to you this evening as she always! She definitely knows how to make a man hard in just a few seconds! Even though there were some sex tape scandals with her and her boyfriend, she said that those things never brought her down, and she’s still carrying on. Watch her as she poses in her naked solo shoot and enjoy it guys. We can safely say that this blonde never disappoints and you’ll see that she’s still in shape even these days. Sadly we’ll have to take our leave once more, but we’ll be back next week with some more fresh content!

Enjoy watching gorgeous Pamela posing completely naked! 


Celeb Matrix – Salma Hayek

Celeb Matrix comes again with another superb gallery for you to enjoy to the fullest. In this one we bring you the sexy and hot Latino star that got into the minds of lots and lots of guys, and perhaps even some ladies with her amazing body. This superb super star knows just how hot her body is and for today we bring you a scene with her as she’s posing nude in the bathroom for a completely nude gallery in a photographer’s magazine. Is a very interesting article, about a photographer who has shoot a lot of celebrities!

And as an example, he asked permission to Salma to show off her semi nude gallery. She accepted and long story short we also ended up with her shoot here at celebmatrix today, and we want to show it off. So without further due, sit back and watch her pose around using only a white piece of cloth as the camera does one amazing and fine job of capturing her alluring and sexy curves today. We are betting that you’ll adore this scene as Salma never really does any sort of things like these. So enjoy it everyone and come back next week for some more!


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Celebmatrix – Lindsey Lohan

Another fresh week and time for another celebmatrix gallery to be brought to your screens today. For this gallery of images we have the controversial and sexy Lindsey Lohan as she also made the news once more. As you might imagine she managed to do one more slip up as she was posing on the red carpet, and everyone could get a glimpse of her big and juicy tits, even with that sexy black dress that covered all of her chest today. So let’s sit back and see her do another little blunder in this fine gallery that we have for you today.


As we stated earlier in the update, she was attending a red carpet event and she managed to let another nice view of her juicy tits to slip by as she was posing for the cameras. Now it’s time to relax and watch this amazing brunette exposing her perfect natural boobs! It seems that this hot star is still in shape and we’re sure that she’ll still impress allot of guys with this scene. Enjoy everyone and keep on the lookout for our next update. As always it will come next week as usual! Until then, check out our website and see other celebrities getting wild!

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Uma Thurman caught topless

This week’s celebmatrix pics feature one more superb star that shows off her big boobs for your viewing pleasure. It’s none other than Uma Thurman and she seems to have been caught coming out of the water after a swim without her top on. The set of pictures itself comes from one of her more recent movies where her role had her going for a swim and losing her bra in the sea. Well either way this is one good show and you should sit back and enjoy it guys. So let’s see what this celeb matrix update contains for you today

As the movie scene starts, the sexy woman can be seen running and having fun on the shore. Then she decides to enter the water to go for a swim. It’s pretty cold outside, but the producer asked her to take a bath, so she enters the water and has her nice swim, showing off her incredible natural tits!. Watch her exposing her tits today on celebmatrix.com and enjoy everyone. We’ll be seeing you next week once more with another fresh update for your enjoyment. So stay tuned and have fun!


 Enjoy watching sexy Uma exposing her big round boobs!


Celebmatrix – Sharon Stone topless

Well, we promised you some treats and we have some great celebmatrix videos for you to see today. The sexy super star that is featured in them is none other than Sharon Stone, and before you ask, no they aren’t from the movie that made every guy fall in love with her body named Striptease. The hottie was at a private beach and she seems to have done some topless sunbathing. Well you can pretty much imagine that all paparazzi were all over this and they hid themselves well to capture this beauty’s semi nude body on camera today.


So sot back guys and enjoy this great celeb matrix update with the hot woman. As the guys start taking pictures, Sharon seems to have had a change of hairstyle as she is now a hot and sexy short haired blonde. Well she was making her way to the changing rooms in her white panties, and them as she comes out in a full bikini outfit, she removes her top to reveal those perky and round breasts that all men dream about. Watch her sun bathing session guys, and do come back next week for some more celebs getting naughty for your viewing pleasure.

 Check out gorgeous Sharon topless at the beach!


Celeb Matrix – Jennifer Aniston

Like always we’re here again today with one more fresh celeb matrix video for you to enjoy. In this amazing gallery we bring you the hot and sexy Jennifer Aniston and her little nude scene. Unfortunately, no, the sexy star didn’t pose for a porn magazine, it was just a regular shoot for a women’s magazine, explaining what this hot star does to always keep herself in shape. And even though we had an inside man there he couldn’t take any celebmatrix photos that were too sexualized or he’d lose his job.

But don’t worry you’ll still get to see some nice and fresh images with Jennifer as she’s doing her thing. You will get to see her show bits and pieces of her hot body for the camera and we’re sure that you’ll love them. She is definitely one of the sexiest celebrities in the business. Today she will show you off every inch of her perfect body so enjoy the video, guys and see you next timewith even more celebrities in some interesting postures. We will have some treats for you rather soon as well so be sure not to miss any updates!


 Check out hot Jennifer posing naked for the cam!


Celebmatrix – Mariah Carey

For today we bring you some brand new celebmatrix pics with none other than the world wide known  pop singer Mariah Carey and her amazing gallery of pics. Watch this beauty showing her perfect natural boobs only for your enjoyment this evening. The pop star attended a charity reunion and she appears to have been dressed in a very tight and hot outfit . No she didn’t do any posing sadly, but you can imagine that all cameras were on her to capture her superb body for this celeb matrix update today!


As you will see in addition of this blonde wearing some sexy clothes Mariah also seems to have managed to give everyone a nice view of her breasts and nipples as her dress snagged a bit when she climbed down out of her car today. So without further due, watch her exposing her boobs in this nice evening shoot that our cameramen got of her. We’re sure you will enjoy her scene today as you simply cannot not adore this sexy singer. So watch the pictures guys and come back once more with some more super stars. Mariah is definitely one of the sexiest singers in the world! Wanna see another celebrity showing off her perfect breasts? Check out sexy Jennifer Garner!

 Enjoy watching sexy Mariah exposing her puffy tits!