Uma Thurman caught topless

This week’s celebmatrix pics feature one more superb star that shows off her big boobs for your viewing pleasure. It’s none other than Uma Thurman and she seems to have been caught coming out of the water after a swim without her top on. The set of pictures itself comes from one of her more recent movies where her role had her going for a swim and losing her bra in the sea. Well either way this is one good show and you should sit back and enjoy it guys. So let’s see what this celeb matrix update contains for you today

As the movie scene starts, the sexy woman can be seen running and having fun on the shore. Then she decides to enter the water to go for a swim. It’s pretty cold outside, but the producer asked her to take a bath, so she enters the water and has her nice swim, showing off her incredible natural tits!. Watch her exposing her tits today on and enjoy everyone. We’ll be seeing you next week once more with another fresh update for your enjoyment. So stay tuned and have fun!


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