Celebmatrix videos – Angelina Jolie

Hey there once more everyone, we bring you more Celebmatrix videos today and you get to enjoy them to their fullest. In this clip we have a scene from the sexy and hot Angelina Jolie as she takes some rough punishment to a bad man that was selling weapons to terrorists. The scene you may know very well as it’s taken from one of her most famous movies where she starred with her husband Brad Pitt. The movie is called Mr. and Mrs. Smith and in addition to being funny it also has this hot and sexy scene with the lady.

Let’s get this celeb matrix update going and see what miss Jolie has to offer for the scene today. As her target gets ready she shows up in her mistress outfit and she is getting ready to punish him for being a bad boy. Watch her as she acts all naughty and dominant before she punishes her slave. We want to also say that as promised we brought you the newest and freshest content featuring your favorite stars and we’ll continue to do so in the future. You only need to keep enjoying it as you’ve done thus far everyone. Bye bye and see you next week!

Watch Angelina as a naughty mistress punishing a guy!