Natalie Portman At The Beach

Another fresh week and time for another new and fresh celebmatrix scene to be brought to you guys this fine day. Today you get to watch the naughty and cute Natalie Portman at the beach as she gets around to expose her superb body for your viewing pleasure as well. But she’s not alone as a buddy of hers was joining her too. So the joy was doubled. Anyway, also take your time to check out some more previous scenes as well and watch Kate Moss in her very own and hot scene as well as she gets to strip for you too!


Anyway, coming back to our two little cuties for this afternoon, they had a private part of the beach all to themselves and they sure took advantage of it. Mainly because they always like to sunbathe topless and they want to do it in a more private setting too. So take your time to see them play in the water without their bikini tops and then see them taking their time to enjoy the sun with their perky tits out and revealed too. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we will be seeing you guys soon with more new and fresh celeb matrix scenes too!

Check out sexy Natalie showing off her tits in public!