CelebMatrix – Paris Hilton

Celebmatrix is the source where you can find your favorite celebrities doing all kinds of naughty stuff, from just indecent exposures and nipple slips to even some juicy sex tapes. We promise that we’ll bring you the newest and freshest content regarding the star’s recent oopsies in every update that we will bring you from now on. And to make our debut in force, in this first gallery we bring you none other than the hot blonde that everyone just loves. And it seems that this fine day she made the front pages again as she forgot to wear her underwear.

Just in case you don’t know who we’re talking about, it’s none other than Paris Hilton, and we have a whole new and fresh celeb matrix gallery full of the said pictures that caused another uproar. Seems that this blonde has been caught in a pose as she was getting out of her car, and she seemed to not be wearing any panties for tonight. Perhaps she hopes to snag some guys like this but either way you get to see her pussy in these photos everyone. We hope you enjoyed and come back next week when we’ll have more fresh content for you to see.


See sexy Paris exposing her pussy wearing no underwear!


CelebMatrix – Traci Bingham

Another fresh week and time for another star to make her entry to the celebmatrix scene. Today we have here the simply sexy and hot Traci Bingham as she gets to expose her body as well for you and this is somewhat of a personal thank you as well. It’s for sticking with us for so long and reaching a new milestone today. Anyway, let’s get to enjoy the treat that miss Traci is for the cameras in the afternoon and let’s watch her work her angles and body perfectly to put on what is probably the most sensual show that we have here to date!

As all the babes here, you can expect to see the babe in some pretty naughty and sexy images so rest assured that you get plenty to see as well. So have fun once more as you get to watch this beauty making her entry wearing a nice and sexy top that was completely see through. And you get some generous views of this babe’s tits as she’s taking her time to smoke a cigarette. Have fun seeing her show off her big and natural melons today and do come back next week once more for all new and superb scenes. And check out the past ones too!


Watch here Traci Bingham showing her big tits!


Stacey Dash Completely Naked

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to some all new and kinky celebmatrix scenes this afternoon. For this one we bring you the adorable and sexy ebony babe named Stacey Dash as she also gets to show off her body for you. She’s had her first ever pictorial all nude and it’s quite the sensation. Mainly because everyone without a doubt agrees that she looks simply amazing and sexy too. Of course she likes it and today you get to have front row seats to the show to convince yourselves too of this fact.


Cute and sexy ebony star Stacey decided that for this shoot she wanted to be outdoors and let’s just say that the afternoon sun fit her perfectly as she showed off her body. She starts off naked and stays naked through the whole thing so you don’t have to get teased about her lovely curves teasing you at all. Take your time to watch her posing along side the wall and the tree in the yard and enjoy her whole naked chocolate body as it basks in the afternoon sun for today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay everyone!

Take a look at Stacey Dash posing completely naked for you!


Topless Penelope Cruz

Here we are yet again and we come back with more celebmatrix goodies. This time they happen to be in the shape and persona of the superb Latino super star Penelope Cruz. She’s here with her latest sex scene from her last movie that she starred in and you get to see her in some cock riding action as she gets to have fun with her lucky co star in the scene. And it’s just the perfect treat to see this babe’s perfectly round and perky tits jiggling as she gets to enjoy a nice and hard fuck session and scene today for the cameras.

Her character and the dude get to spend the night at a hotel room and she got kind of horny for the night. Well as you know, when babes like this get horny they just have to have the first man in sight to the guy was a prime target. Watch her having him all to herself on the bed and see her making quick work of his clothes too. Then you get to watch her as she takes her spot on top and begins to ride his dick nice and hard too. Have fun seeing her perfect and jiggly tits swaying in the motion of sex and enjoy the gallery!


Take a look at sexy Penelope Cruz showing off her tits!


CelebMatrix – Naomi Campbell

Welcome back to some new and kinky celebmatrix scenes today everyone. This time we just have a jaw droopingly superb scene to show off and it’s one that you simply must see. In case you haven’t read the title or figured out who this superb chocolate babe is, her name is Naomi Campbell and she’s the source of many people’s fantasies. Today you get to learn just why that is as she gets to expose her body as well in one amazing and hot solo photo shoot as well. So let’s cut to the chase and see her show off today!


You know her from many movies and you know that this babe doesn’t really do sex scenes. But it turns out that this naughty super star is quite naughty and always would have wanted to show off her nude curves. Well you came to the right place as this afternoon the cutie is going to expose herself just for you. Watch her take off all of her clothes today and see that  sizzling hot ebony body all nude. You get to watch her do her posing and parading of her curves and we bet that you will just adore it today. Stay tuned for more and we’ll see you next time!

See gorgeous Naomi Campbell sexy posing for you!


Katie Price’ Solo Masturbation

Well here we are once more and this is one celeb matrix scene we know you will just adore. This week we have none other than the simply stunning and sexy playgirl Katie Price here and she’s all up for putting up one crazy show for you to see. You can bet that the babe has all the experience she needs to entertain you today and she got her experience from doing lots and lots of these photo shoots in the past. So let’s not delay any longer and watch the lusty and sexy blonde in action as she gets to play with herself in front of the cameras.

As you know, miss Katie is one busty and horny blonde beauty and she always goes for whatever she wants to do no matter what. It seems that for her photo shoot this afternoon she got kind of horny and her pussy was just too naughty and had to be pleased no mater what. Enjoy seeing her strip to reveal her perfect tits to you and then see her sliding her hand in her panties. You get to watch her moan as she rubs her pussy for you and we think that that makes for some great entertainment this afternoon. Have fun with it!


See big titted Katie Price finger-banging her pussy!


Yamila Diaz Posing Topless

Another fresh week and time to see another sexy and hot lady in celebmatrix action this afternoon. The name of this babe is Yamila Diaz and she’s quite the hottie. Now much like the last babe that you got to see her last week Vida Guerra, she’s one superb and sexy Latina and she is gorgeous too. Today you get to see her in action as well as she gets to show off all of her goods just for your viewing pleasure everyone. Let’s get this show started and see her at play without delay. We are sure that you guys are too eager to see her play too.


For her superb celeb matrix scene, the busty and sexy Yamila chose the beachside to pose in and we can say that it worked out wonderfully for her. And that was because she got to wear her two piece swimsuit today to it. Watch her making her entry with her yellow bikini and see her getting straight off to a steamy start as she starts to remove clothes today. You get to see her take off the top to let her boobs free, and you also get to enjoy seeing them in all their glory. So have fun seeing her revealing her gorgeous nude boobs for you and enjoy it!

Watch here busty Yamila Diaz posing topless for you!


Celeb Matrix – Vida Guerra

This week’s fresh and new celeb matrix update brings you the glamorous and sexy Latino star, Vida Guerra and she’s here to party hard. This scene is basically her shoot for a adult oriented magazine and we managed to get hold of the images, courtesy to her today. Let’s get to see her showing off and exposing her superb body to you this fine day and let’s get to  watch her play all alone in her bed tonight. It makes for an incredible show that you just have to see this afternoon everyone. Enjoy and let’s get her show started!

The cameras start to roll, and like we said, you get to see the babe making her entry. She was ready to party and have some fun and she was dressed for the occasion as well as you can see. She was sporting just her cream colored top and nothing else, and she gives you some generous views of her lovely tits as well as her pussy as she takes her time to pose for you on her very very comfy bed today. Enjoy the view and come back soon for more new and sexy celebs showing off their goods just for you!


Take a look at big titted Vida Guerra massaging her tits!


CelebMatrix – Toni Braxton

Time to see another superb and sexy babe that you surely love and adore. As you can clearly see, she’s Toni Braxton and she’s the brunette babe that sure is infamous for her dashingly good looks and superb and sexy body as well. Well today at celebmatrix, miss Toni here gets to show off just what you wanted to see and rest assured that it fits quite nicely for some incredible eye candy today. Let’s get to start her show without delay and let’s watch her show off her superb and luscious curves for you shall we?


She just adores to tease and rest assured that this nice little scene here has plenty of that as well. Take your time to see the sexy lady making her entry wearing a nice and long black coat with feathers and watch her slowly revealing more and more. When she finally takes it off you can see that she was sporting some nice and sexy clothing in the form of a superb black swimsuit and underneath she had a pair of fishnet stockings too. If she doesn’t turn you on with her nice and sexy body then nothing else will either!

Check out Toni Braxton posing in her sexy black lingerie!


Topless Tara Reid

Well hi there once more and welcome back to some all new and fresh celebmatrix scenes with your favorite stars. For this week’s new and fresh update we bring you the cute and lovely babe named Tara Ried as she gets around to show off just how sexy and cute she is and you can bet that that involves her losing some clothes in the process as well. So let’s take our time to watch this simply stunning blonde in some kinky action as she gets around to show off her superb and sexy body just to you this fine day.

Miss Reid is quite the famous babe and she knows just how long you guys have waited to see her strip and show off her body for the cameras. And today is the day to do it like some of the past babes that you have seen around here do as well. Take your time to watch the blonde be all smiles and sunshine as she takes off her top and you get to have a nice and long look at her perfectly round and perky tits this fine day today. So enjoy the scene and see you guys next time with more fresh and new celeb matrix galleries like always!


Watch here nasty Tara posing topless for the camera!